Candid Netizens

posted Jan 20, 2015, 11:06 PM by Federico Araniego
By: Federico B. Araniego, Jr.

The onset of Online Publishing as part of the campus journalism program in our country never flabbergasts everyone in schools considering the trending exposure of learners to interconnectivity. Nowadays, learners are up-to-date social networking sites users.

10859888_10152710423194685_1394033116_n        According to Director Armand Patrick Salamat, Head of the DepEd Communication Unit in an interview conducted by the NToT on Campus Journalism participants that one of the objectives of the K to 12 Curriculum in developing the 21st Century Skills can be applied to Campus Journalism and aimed for a certain mastery or literacy on the internet. What we have started is a shift on what we had in NSPC on Collaborative Publishing. Moreover, we still have a team of students who are not just to produce a 4-page publication in print but to make an online publication too. He further stated that we are on our way to Online Journalism.

    This intervention becomes a timely propelling which supports to a paperless venture in promoting campus journalism. Positively, this develops our learners to mark on expressing opinions and feelings in an honest and sincere way for global competitiveness promoting a more responsible campus journalism community.

    Thus making them as candid netizens.